Beef Sustainability Animated Infographics

View animated infographics that briefly illustrate many of the key points related to the sustainability questions addressed in the Fact Sheets listed on the Sustainability landing page

Tough Questions about Beef Sustainability Animated Infographics MAIN PAGE

Question 1 Infographic: How Does the Carbon Footprint of U.S. Beef Compare to Global Beef?

Question 2 Infographic: Does Beef Really Use that Much Water?

Question 3 Infographic: Would removing beef from the diet actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Question 4 Infographic: How does carbon sequestration affect the sustainability of beef?

Question 5 Infographic: Do growth promotants reduce environmental impact?

Question 6 Infographic: Does grass-finished beef leave a lower carbon footprint than grain-finished beef?  
Question 7 Infographic: If we fed corn to humans instead of cattle, would land use be more sustainable? 
Question 8 Infographic: Is local beef more sustainable?

Question 12 Infographic: Do feedlots have the largest greenhouse gas impact in the beef value chain?

Question 16 Infographic: Ecosystem Services — What are they and how do they relate to beef production?

Question 17 Infographic #1: What are enteric methane emissions?

Question 17 Infographic #2: How have enteric methane emissions from beef cattle changed over time?

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